One Intuitive Sound Can Change The Forces Of Nature

"One intuitive sound can change the forces of nature."
You as an individual have a very specific "sound" or presence, which sets you apart from anyone else. What you may not know is that your unique design is needed by others. What you offer can enrich the lives of those around you. What has Creator God placed in your field to identify, develop and grow?

Find out via your dreams, an intuitive reading, or learn from me!

What's On Your Scroll

What's On Your Scroll?

Get a 30 minute intuitive reading on mp3! Allow Creator to show you all the talents He's deposited in you with fine tuned accuracy and clarity! What is your greatness?

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Your Wake Up Call

Your Wake Up Call!

I hope to assist you in your forward journey when there are urgent, strategic or reassuring and hope-filled messages in your dreams. Find out how dreams can help you heal.

Dream Analysis

Melody's Coffee Connectyion

Melody's Coffee Connection

A weekly morning gathering over a hot cup of coffee or tea where I will share a prophetic devotional for the week and speak over random attendees.


Need Coffee!

See & Discover Minicourse

See & Discover Minicourse

If you desire to see more in the spirit realm, this may be for you! Find out how Creator communicates through all your spiritual senses; including dreams & visions.

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Join our Intuitive Center for training with our awesome coaches or apply for internship with Melody on the virtual online training platform called "Now Interpret This!"

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Prophetic Movie Club

Prophetic Movie Club

Get prophetic enlightenment through movies, which facilitate A deeper metaphoric vision and language. It's a fun and revolutionary process that will develop your critical eye.

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"Now Interpret This!" Dream Journal - by Melody Paasch


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                                                                   Buy Your Dream Journal Now on Amazon!

Common Dreams Explained E-Book - Contact Me for a FREE Digital Copy

This is a great little e-handbook to help you with very common dreams that most everyone has at one time or another. This will answer some of your burning questions about your night dreams.

I'm sure that you've often wondered what the hay it meant when you dream about flying or falling, being late for a class or work while you just happen to be naked! This little e-book will explain many of those dreams that most people have. It's a great companion for the Dream Journal.