Melody PaaschMelody is an experienced teacher, speaker, prophetic/intuitive voice, and night dream practitioner. She is a native of and resides in Texas. Her desire is to see people step into their original destiny by connecting with Creator's heart and intent. She travels nationally and internationally spreading fresh vision of Creator's love to people in gatherings of homes, churches, businesses, Starbucks or one on one. One of her favorite activities is meeting you over a cup of coffee. So, feel free to invite her. Her down to earth qualities facilitate her acute gift for awakening personal gifts through practical guidance with a non-religious approach. Melody's training, resources, and personal work with individuals, help them comprehend and participate in Creator's original plans for their lives. Visit her author page at Amazon Author Page on. Like her on Facebook at her Personal Profile and her Facebook page called Interpret This. Check out her training, mentoring and launching in spiritual engagement at

Night Dream Analysis
As a dreamer and seer, She has had the rare opportunity to speak to thousands of people about their dreams. She has learned through her own dreams and the dreams of others, that dreams and visions can be highly significant in directing us in our lives. They can play a critical role in guiding us through the land mines of life, but only if we are aware and listening. Melody's belief is that it's a misnomer that you are only productive in your waking hours. Many of us are busy accomplishing strategic implementation and experiences as we sleep. She interprets dreams for the sole purpose of unearthing any opposing forces in your life, as well as the hidden treasures. Her dream practice is comprehensive, as she is looking for keys to your freedom and personal advancement. You can also order a one on one session with her to process your dream and find out how to best partner with the Creator of your dreams, to benefit from His messages.

Intuitive/Prophetic Readings

She has spoken to a multitude of people through intuitive reading, (prophetic word/message), infusing them with meaningful direction for the success of their future. An intuitive word can get you to your next level, position or location and frequently assist you in arriving right on time. These words/readings can at times offer needed warnings to bring specific protection from loss, conflict or imminent danger. Melody is a conduit through which God speaks messages of warning, direction, encouragement, love and peace. Her objective is to bring to light the heart intent and original blueprint of your design from your Maker. She strongly desires to help you unpack the enigmas of your life and call. What drives her is the opportunity to flesh out the understanding of what you were created to be, do and accomplish.