TrainingJoin our intuitive center for prophetic training with Melody's awesome coaches on the virtual online training platform called "Now Interpret This!" 

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NIT accepts student applications and interviews at any time. You can also fill out the application to set up an interview and get more details.

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The NIT training and oversight is with our awesome coaches and directors. They are highly skilled and well trained, seasoned in their call. You will love everyone of them! The time commitment is around 20 hours a week (depending), and is facilitated in online site classrooms. There is also an opportunity for some healing through relationship and community support. To have the gift of interpretation is the beginning of the discipline. To deliver an interpretation well or accurately, you must have a clean grid to work from. Our goal is to help you work through anything that will color or filter your delivery, and give you the foundation to speak with purity through your gifts.

There are several student option packages available. You can see our semester training packages on our memberships page. Thank you!

If you are looking at options, check out PERSONAL MENTORING with Melody.

Testimonial Kelly - Student of NIT

"I found Melody through NIT, after I was informed by a medium that she would be my mentor. I had many questions and Melody answered them so I could understand what was going on, why these crazy things I was experiencing are happening, and what to do about them. Melody is always here for me and she is amazing, very easy to talk with, and willing to go the extra miles for you. I'm very blessed to have such an awesome lady in my life!!"