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Prophetic Movie Club

Get prophetic enlightenment through movies which will facilitate deeper metaphoric vision and language. 

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How it Works:

Upon subscribing, you'll receive an email directing you to which movie you will need to rent/watch along with your study guide.  Later you'll receive an mp3 from me, processing the information in it.  In the commentary recording, I comb through the prophetic details of the monthly movie pulling out the metaphoric messages that are below the surface of the film's story line. This is a comprehensive way to learn metaphoric language for the purpose of seeing prophetically in our mainstream media. This is an in-depth look at the often covert inscription under the main plot. 

 A New Movie Assigned Each Month

You'll get a mix of action, drama and children's films that you'll need to rent. These will not be overtly Christian films with obvious messages.

 You'll Get A Study Guide

This will help you to extract it all! Many of us get the overall, but there are many little gems in these movies that you don't want to miss!

 Have a Movie Night at Your House!

More people to discuss the prophetic symbolism means more fun and more epiphanies! 

 Listen to Melody on MP3

She'll unpack so much symbolism, insight, revelation and biblical points you'll see the light. 

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